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Reminder for 10/20/2021 Seminar: Economic NEXUS vs Sales Tax NEXUS – learn more and become better prepared to ask and answer the tough questions, such as:

  • What does it mean for out-of-state sellers?
  • How or will this decision affect more than just sales tax nexus?
  • What does economic nexus mean for sales tax?
  • Does having a physical presence in a state still matter for sales tax?
  • Is the traditional nexus for sales tax still alive and well?
  • Do we need to begin filing in the 45 states that have a sales taxing system?
  • When to recommend to a client to file income/sales tax in that state?

10/20/2021 Seminar on Business Ethics & NEXUS

10/6/2021 Seminar on Employee Retention Credit, Tax Updates & Business Ethics

Tax Tip: Home Testing for COVID Is an FSA & HSA Eligible Expense

The IRS recently reminded taxpayers that home testing for COVID-19 (coronavirus) is a qualified medical expense for various medical spending and savings accounts. The cost of home testing may be paid or reimbursed with tax-protected funds from an eligible account. Specifically, you may use a health flexible spending arrangement (FSA), health savings account (HSA) or certain other cafeteria plans to pay or receive reimbursement for testing expenses.

Other COVID-related eligible medical expenses include the cost of personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. The equipment must be used primarily to prevent or reduce the spread of coronavirus in order to qualify for FSA, HSA or other medical cafeteria plan reimbursement.

You can maximize the tax benefits of your FSA or HSA by making expenditures or accepting reimbursements at well-chosen times. A tax advisor can help you formulate the best strategy for using your account.