How much is membership?
The current membership is just $70 and it’s a 1 year term from June 1st through May 31st.

How much are your seminars?
Non-Members and Members are welcome to attend our seminars. Members can attend at a discounted rate of $75 per seminar whereas non-members can attended at a rate of $120 per seminar. This is why membership is so important because just 2 seminars creates a savings to cover the cost of membership.

I forgot to renew my membership but I want to attend an upcoming seminar. Can I still attend at a member rate?
Sure! Just bring your membership renewal form and payment to the seminar; will honor the member rate.

I just joined mid-year. Will you prorate my membership?
The RIAPA is a non-profit organization and your membership covers a variety of costs such as administrative, operating, and venue costs. Therefore, regretfully we can not prorate a membership.

What’s a CPE and why should I be interested in this?
CPE stands for Continuing Professional Education and are required for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to maintain their professional competence and provide quality professional services. CPAs are responsible for complying with all applicable CPE requirements, rules and regulations of state boards of accountancy, as well as those of membership associations and other professional organizations. RI CPAs must obtain 120 hours every 3 years, six of which must be on ethics, and limited to 60 hours of self-studies.

I’m an enrolled agent. How many CPEs do I need? How many of those need to be Ethics?
Enrolled agents must obtain 72 hours of continuing education every three years. A minimum of 16 hours must be earned per year, two of which must be on ethics. Enrolled agents must use an IRS approved CE provider, such as the RIAPA. Unlike CPAs who report there CPEs to the state board of accountancy, EAs report their CPEs to the IRS.