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Very well presented with topics that have a significant impact on our clients, as well as give us insights and knowledge on important tax topics and give us tax preparers ability to better communicate these matters to our clients. It’s nice to be back in-person seminars. Outstanding Topics. Kudos to all involved. Thank You!!

I think the new venue is such a win-win. Great parking and ease of access/egress.

I always look forward to these seminars and connecting with my peers. I have yet to walk-away from one of these seminars without learning something new or gaining an interesting perspective that my peers brought up. For example, I had been struggling for weeks with the RI Schedule M modification for pensions. Luckily, it was right around our next upcoming seminar and turns out a lot of my peers were having the same challenges. Anthony shared his success story how he managed to contact the RI Division of Taxation and brought this situation to their attention. Within a few days, they got it resolved and by the time we had our seminar, we had answers and a work-around.